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Since 2007, PACOVISION Transcreative has been the premier provider of high-quality transcreation and original creative for the Hispanic market.   Incorporating the cultural, geographical and market influences that affect different Latino communities, PACOVISION delivers your message with the tone you intended, and the emotion you sought to evoke.  PACOVISION is unique in that we do not ever resort to automated translation or overseas translators to save a buck.  PACOVISION draws its talent from a cadre of native Spanish-speakers who were educated in Latin American universities and who have a deep and comprehensive understanding of Latin American cultures.  We are talented copywriters, authors, designers and producers, creating work that enables clients like you to actually engage with the enormous Hispanic market.  Our clients include television networks, advertising agencies, websites, hospitals and book publishing companies.  Your organization could be our next client.

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Here’s the thing.   We have all seen bad translations.  They are the stuff of memes and jokes.   There are many examples of an advertiser, wanting to strike a note with a population, hiring a cheap translator, and creating an ad that is so far removed from its original message that it becomes a joke, or worse.   We believe that Hispanic consumers deserve the respect of seeing your message conveyed properly.   We know that when you translate badly, you alienate people.   We think that you can do much better, and that is our guiding principle.

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Transcreative Services

PACOVISION Transcreative provides accurate and culturally relevant messaging for Hispanic audiences so that the message does not get lost in translation. With over 25 years of experience on location, native cultural identity, award-winning creative and market knowledge, PACOVISION Transcreative wants to be your voice in Spanish. We will do that by using the best quality adaptation possible, so your message will resonate.

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"Get me Paco!"

-Overheard late night at a Telemundo hallway

Throughout his 25-year career, Paco Correa has worn many hats (writer, producer, editor, director, translator, creator, author, professor and mentor).  Growing up in a traditional middle-class Puerto Rican family, he spent his childhood in front of the TV, drawing comic strips and writing stories. Legend has it that he settled on pursuing a career in advertising after watching the original Mad Men, Darrin Stevens and Larry Tate from Bewitched.

Paco began his career as a copywriter at Leo Burnett-Puerto Rico, and thereafter moved to the States where he began work as copywriter for Telemundo 51 in Miami, starting a life-long love affair with television.  He was soon stolen by the network and promoted to Promotions Head Writer and Senior Producer.  In 1996, Nickelodeon drafted him for the launch of their brand-new Nickelodeon Latin America.  This adventure took him to produce to every part of Latin America, where he learned and mastered the rich mosaic of Latin American cultures. It was precisely here that Paco started “transcreating” as he adapted hundreds of Nickelodeon properties to Hispanic audiences, as well as creating new ones.

Paco also served as Executive Producer for HBO Latino, running promotions for the network as well as Cinemax Latino. His expertise in the Spanish language gave him the opportunity to produce with other HBO divisions like HBO Documentaries and particularly HBO Sports.  In 2007, PACOVISION was born, offering freelance creative writing and adaptations, producing transcreative as well as original work for independent clients like Discovery Latin America, Spike TV, Telemundo and Cartoon Network Latin America.

Among his accolades, Paco has won four Emmy® Awards, five Telly® Awards, three New York Festivals® World Medals, and four Addy® Awards.

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